Top 6 Activities to Do in Mindoro

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f you are looking for a thrilling summer vacation in the Philippines, then Manila, Boracay, and Palawan aren’t the only destinations to spend your quality time away from your nest. If you are looking for an underrated paradise, it has to be Mindoro. 

Mindoro Island has a lot to offer from the exquisite beaches to the thrilling diving and snorkeling spots. You deserve a vacation you’ll always remember. 

Have fun at the southern tip of Luzon and do these activities to make up the perfect summer vacation you deserve! 

Snorkel at Apo Reef Natural Park 

Located at the western waters of Occidental Mindoro, this coral reef is considered the second-largest contiguous coral reef globally and the largest one in the Philippines. This 34-square km government-protected destination spot consists of three islands, Apo reef being the largest among them. 

The reef is heavily protected by the government. Therefore, no large ships can come in and out of the area that would potentially cause damage and disturbance to the corals. These collections include Giant Napoleon Wrasse fish, sea cucumbers, cushion sta, triggerfish, and more. 

With all of its beauty, Apo Reef attracted more than dozens of divers and snorkelers every year. 

Hiking at Mount Halcon

This mountain is for hikers and climbers looking for the most challenging climb of their lives. Towering exactly 2586 meters high and known as the 18th highest peak in the country, Mount Halcon will test your limits with its steep trails, rocky ridges, mossy forest, and its river crossing. 

Though challenging, its peak will reward you with a panoramic view of Mindoro. 

Note: You’ll need at least four days to hike in this mountain along with a permit and guide. 

Scuba Dive at Sabang  [#4 Verde Island Passage – dive site]

Sabang is the place to be when it comes to showcasing Philippine’s beautiful marine life. Hence, that is why it is one of the dive spots every tourist wants to visit. 

If you are a beginner, the Sabang Wreck is for you. The shipwreck found underwater turned into a perfect spot for a new reef to form since its structure is now covered in vegetation. It is also surrounded by different and eye-catching fishes. 

The Hill is also a dive site home to some of the oddest sea creatures you can find anywhere in the world. You have to see the Blue Ringed octopus, cuttlefish, and the Blue Mandarin right in the spot. If you went on a night dive, you might spot some shrimps. 

Tamaraw Waterfalls 

This waterfall that towers over 423 feet of rock and includes a couple of cool pools is situated in Barangay Villaflor, just near the San Teodoro City of Mindoro Island.

Hearing the strong sound coming from the falls is overpowering but calming. Aside from that, it can be a place where adventure strikes as you can go and swim with your friends and family. 

Getting it isn’t hard. You can take a jeepney or ride a tricycle. You can also rent a motorcycle or, if you like, rent a van going to the waterfalls. 

Crossing the Tukuran Hanging Bridge 

Crossing a hanging bridge may be a little scary. Still, this hanging bridge symbolizes the wild and free attitude Filipinos exude. So believe us, crossing the Tukuran Hanging Bridge is a must on your travel bucket list! 

The bridge is made to sway back and forth every time you take a step. But, this is the thrilling part of the adventure, so don’t be afraid as this bridge is made to be sturdy for people to cross. 

Also, after crossing, you’ll find some huts in the shallow water area where you can rest after taking that risk!

Relax at the Bikini Floating Bar 

Lastly, this “bar on the water” is a must-visit in Mindoro. Imagine just unwinding and drinking your favorite alcohol in a floating houseboat. At the same time, you enjoy the waves that gently rocks the boat. Isn’t that relaxing? 

Enjoy the view of the mainland with the most creative painted houses in the town while enjoying happy hour every 3-5 pm!

Come to Mindoro now!

From diving the reefs of Apo Island to relaxing at the floating houseboat, Mindoro is a place to have fun and unwind. 
Plan your trip to Mindoro today. Visit our page for more details!