Citizen’s Charter of Department of Tourism North America


The Philippine Department of Tourism (PDOT) has been mandated by Republic Act No. 9593 (Tourism Act of 2009) as the primary planning, programming, coordinating, implementing and regulatory government agency in the development and promotion of the tourism industry, both domestic and international, in coordination with attached agencies and other government instrumentalities. It is likewise mandated to instill in the Filipinos the industry’s fundamental importance in the generation of employment, investment and foreign exchange.

There are 24 PDOT overseas offices around the globe tasked to develop and implement programs and activities designed to promote the Philippines as a tourism destination within their areas of jurisdiction. Three (3) out of the 24 offices are located in North America particularly in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. Here is the link of the PDOT Offices in North America –

The PDOT Offices in North America are established to undertake research and gather data on tourism market trends and other information; coordinate the implementation of its plans, policies and programs, including the multilateral and bilateral agreements, with National Tourism Organizations and other international associations; collaborate with tourism stakeholders for tourism investment opportunities and promotion of the Philippines as a travel destination for North Americans; undertake marketing initiatives and activities in North America to generate foreign currency and employment in the Philippines; collaborate with the Philippine Embassies and Consular Offices in North America to reach out to the Filipino communities and promote Filipino culture in the region;  and supervise the implementation of international tourism promotions program in their respective jurisdictions as well as provide information on the preparation of international promotions plan. 


To develop a globally competitive, environmentally, sustainable and socially responsible tourism industry that promotes inclusive growth through employment generation and equitable distribution of income thereby contributing to building a foundation for a high-trust society.


The Department of Tourism (DOT) shall be the primary government agency charged with the responsibility to encourage, promote, and develop tourism as a major socio-economic activity to generate foreign currency and employment and to spread the benefits of tourism to both the private and public sector.


As your partner in the promotion and development of tourism that seeks to generate revenue, create jobs and livelihood for the Filipinos and ensure the safe, enjoyable and convenient stay of foreign and domestic tourists in the country, we, the officials and employees of the Department of Tourism, do commit to:

  • provide sincere and honest service to all clientele regardless of age, gender, nationality as well as cultural and religious orientation;
  • render utmost care, urgency and propriety in addressing the needs of every individual and group that seek assistance from the Department;
  • maintain decent and upright practices that demonstrate the qualities and ethical standards of good public service;
  • act and resolve with promptness on complaints against irregular transactions, unclear rules and regulations, neglect in the performance of duties and responsibilities as well as unsatisfactory behavior of officials and employees; and
  • help uplift the morale of the tourism sector by strengthening access to information, service delivery and consultation between the Department and its publics towards good governance.

We Pledge.

Services Matrix

Service Applied ForWho May AvailDocumentary RequirementsDetailed Steps and DurationMaximum Processing TimeProcessing Fee in Philippine Peso (PhP)Person in Charge, Position, and name of Unit/Division
Tourism-related InquiryAnyoneNoneProceed to the Information Counter of the DOT Foreign Office (in the office, travel shows, exhibits, events) and relay queries to the person in charge, OR Send in an email message inquiry to the official DOT-Foreign Office email address, OR Send in a message inquiry to the official DOT-Foreign Office social media account like Facebook, WeChat, Twitter and the like if available

Less than one (1) hour

Not more than three (3) working days for simple transactions; not more than seven (7) working days for complex transactions
NoneClick here
or  send e-mail to:
PDOT San Francisco

PDOT Los Angeles
PDOT New York
Participation in Trade Events in the Philippines, Philippine Business Missions or Product Presentations conducted overseas North American and Philippine travel trade decision-makers or travel professionals who are interested about the Philippine travel industryDuly Completed Application FormSend us an email for inquiry or click here for list of travel trade activities in North America and the Philippines OR

Go to any DOT North America Office;Inform the person in charge of your intent to participate in trade events; andFill out the Application Form and submit. 
Less than forty-eight (48) hoursNoneClick here
or  send e-mail to:
PDOT San Francisco

PDOT Los Angeles
PDOT New York