More Fun in the Philippines

An archipelago of 7,641 islands, the Philippines has countless thrills for you and your loved ones. You can go island-hopping forever. Or dive into the deep blue sea and get lost in its lushness, its lusciousness. (The Philippine Deep was once considered the deepest part of the ocean.) Or climb every mountain — or volcano. (We are in the Pacific rim of fire.) Or ride the strong tropical wind aboard Wizard of Oz balloons.

You can even plunge headlong into our desertscapes — the shape-shifting sand dunes in the northern Philippine city of Laoag. Or run alongside giraffes in Palawan, for many years named the best island destination in the world by glossy international luxury magazines.

And then there are out-of-this-world mystical experiences in certain mountains and islands for the brave and daring.

Here’s the thing: The rest of the archipelago is an ecotourism adventure beyond compare. Did you know that we have the world’s smallest primate (the tarsier) as well as the biggest fish (the whale shark)?