7000 islands with turquoise water

A small nation, the Philippines is nonetheless ranked top globally among the countries with the longest coastlines. The Philippine coastline of 36,289 km (22,548 miles) — the fourth longest coastline in the world — is longer than even the huge, huge United States mainland. These numbers easily translate into this one fun fact: Beaches!

If you don’t know it yet, international luxury travel magazines have for years declared that the best beach in the planet is in the Philippines. After all, our beaches are Instagram-perfect destinations, with sensuous sugary sand sending you off lolloping in the waves. And our beaches are veritable party places, throbbing with global, multicultural beats, cuisine, and happenings.

We take our beaches seriously, too. Recently, the Philippine government closed Boracay, the world’s top beach destination, for several months to clean up its waters and ensure that hotels, restaurants, bars, and other tourism establishments would be linked to a state-of-the-art sewage disposal and treatment system in the island. Now, Boracay is open for business once again — with smart environment-friendly protocols. And Boracay is just one among many beaches all over the 7,641 islands!

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