Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX Asia)

The Philippines is on the digital spotlight as it won the bid to host to the 2016 Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX Asia) to be held on October 13 – 16, 2016 at the Philippines International Convention Center, Manila, Philippines.

TBEX is the largest gathering of travel bloggers, writers, new media content creators, social media savvy and other industry professionals, drawing over a thousand participants from North America, Europe and Asia.  The conference is expected to draw about 1,000 delegates worldwide enabling travel and tour-related companies and organizations, marketing/PR firms and their clients to connect with the top digital travel influencers and experts.

The three-day event will include various seminars, meetings and presentations with the participation of distinguished international experts, social media influencers and celebrities.

TBEX Asia 2016 will also conduct various activities, tours, and events featuring the Philippines’ unique offerings, as well as provide a platform for a business networking with local industry members. This undertaking is expected to generate media mileage and further promote the country.

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