Need help in finding Filipino food for Noche Buena? We got you covered!

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virtual paskuhan noche buena Filipino Foods

Noche Buena is a Spanish word for “Good Night,” and it is the name for the traditional Christmas Eve feast. Being a Filipino tradition, Noche Buena is when families and friends gather around the food to celebrate Christmas. As the festive season is just right around the corner, you may be wondering where to buy food for Noche Buena in the Bay Area. 

Worry no more as next week, Philippine Consulate General San Francisco is holding its Virtual Paskuhan live on their Facebook page. The goal is to share Filipino dishes that are staples in every Filipino table during Noche Buena. Chef Yana Gilbuena of Salo Series will be sharing her “embutido” recipe, a spin to the traditional embutido, to cook for the holidays. 

The live event will also feature five restaurants as they introduce must-have dishes for the Christmas festivities. 

  1. Gerry’s Grill

A Filipino classic serving modern Filipino grill, Gerry’s Grill introduces classic Filipino dishes like their bestsellers Sizzling Sisig and Inihaw na Pusit. Gerry’s Grill is now open for takeout and delivery. Visit them at their Union City branch located at Courthouse Dr., or call +1 510-441-9900. 

Sizzling Sisig

This appetizer is one of the most popular dishes to both new and avid customers of Gerry’s grill alike. Gerry’s Grill Sizzling Sisig is an exotic food made with grilled pork face cooked in vinegar and chili peppers. So, if you miss the Philippines during Pasko, this dish is a must-have.

Inihaw na Pusit

Add spice to your Christmas by incorporating seafood into your holiday menu. Inihaw na Pusit, aka “Grilled Squid” is a tasty go-to. Also, the dish contains Gerry’s Grill’s signature sauce which is delicious and sumptuous.

  1. Hapag Pilipino

Hapag Pilipino has every staple Filipino Christmas dish you can think of, from Paella Valencia, Cebu Bellychon. Bangus Sisig and Yema Palitaw are all served family-style. You can locate this restaurant at 33 Saint Francis Square, Daly City. Call them at 650. 756. 2220 or 650.756.2203 or visit 

Paella Valenciana

The Philippines was once a Spanish colony, so, influence in food is no stranger. Hence, Paella Valenciana is one of them. The ingredients to this hearty Filipino dish consist of glutinous rice, mussels, sausage, chicken and saffron, perfect for holidays and special occasions!

Cebu Bellychon

A lechon belly roll is one of the recent versions of lechon. The large piece of pork belly is rolled into a thick tube then roasted. Usually, the roll is stuffed with lemongrass and sometimes served with either liver sauce or spiced vinegar. Some prefer this because it is smaller, perfect for more intimate gatherings. 

Bangus Sisig

This sisig dish isn’t your ordinary sisig because instead of pork, Hapag Pilipino uses bangus (milkfish) instead. This dish is a delicious combination of almost toasted milkfish cooked with onion, ginger, chili, scallions and other seasonies that is made to perfection. Thus, if you want to be healthy, then you can eat this. 

Yema Palitaw

The next Filipino favorite dish is a twist to a favorite Pinoy delicacy. Hapag’s version of palitaw has a yema filling inside for an added kick of sweetness. This delicacy is delicious when served with fresh grated coconut and toasted crushed sesame seeds. Tasty and filling. 

  1. Grill City

If you are craving Crispy Cebuchon, then Grill City is your go-to. They serve you authentic lechon recipes that are true to the Filipino palette. Grab their holiday party packages that include Crispy Bagnet package, Crispy Pata package, and Barbeque package. You can grab these packages inside the Seafood City Supermarket. 


No party is complete without Philippine’s most iconic dish present on almost every occasion from birthdays, fiestas, weddings to Christmas gatherings. 

Lechon derives its name from the Spanish word “lechona” which means “suckling pig.” The whole pig is spit-roasted slowly over charcoal for hours until the skin is crispy and its meat inside is rendered tender and juicy. 

The famous Cebu lechon is usually stuffed with star anise, pepper, spring onions, laurel leaves, and lemongrass; hence, no sauce needed.

  1. Tastebuds

Tastebuds is famous for their lechon as they offer different flavors for any occasion, including Christmas and New Year. The restaurant will be featuring three flavors — the traditional, Waray, and Cebu — in Virtual Paskuhan. You can pay a visit to the restaurant located at 582 San Bruno Avenue, W San Bruno, or call (650) 583-0899. For more details, visit 

  1. Sarap Shop

Now, if you opt for food that is comforting this holiday season, The Sarap Shop is the one to call. Plus, learn their Buttery Instant Ramen Omelette recipe to serve a dish that can add a twist to your table this year. You can find their food truck at the Parklab Gardens and Chase Center, inside the United Club, Floor 3. You can browse their menu and order ahead or have it delivered. Just visit their site to do so.

Ramen Omelette

Ramen Omelette is a delicious mashup of ramen and omelet that’s perfect for Noche Buena! Do you know you can make this appetizing dish at home? Just take out your favorite cup of ramen and put butter inside the cup before you add water. Cook your egg mixture with cheese and add the noodles, then voila, you now have ramen omelette!

Want to see more Filipino dishes perfect for Noche Buena? Catch our Virtual Paskuhan event live on the Philippines Consulate General San Francisco’s Facebook page! The live event will also air on December 24, Sat. 7 PM Pacific Time at Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco’s Facebook page.