“Love the Music, Love the Philippines” Showcases Filipino Talent and Warm Hospitality at Webster Hall, San Francisco

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San Francisco, CA – December 14, 2023

The Philippine Department of Tourism in San Francisco (PDOT SF) and Philippine Airlines (PAL) joined forces for a spectacular event, “Love the Music, Love the Philippines,” held at the iconic Webster Hall on December 14, 2023. The evening brought together travel trade partners, tourism stakeholders, and friends to celebrate the rich cultural tapestry of the Philippines.

The event featured captivating performances by the talented Zeyonce Brown, who serenaded the audience with a fusion of Filipino music, pop hits, and festive Christmas tunes. Adding to the enchantment, Nate Guinto delivered an awe-inspiring performance with his violin, captivating the hearts of all in attendance.

Tourism Attache Soleil Tropicales extended a warm welcome to the guests, expressing gratitude to the attendees and the dedicated team that orchestrated the event. Tropicales acknowledged the invaluable partnership with Philippine Airlines, the evening’s official partner.

The highlight of the evening was the introduction of the new tourism campaign, “Love the Philippines.” Tropicales explained that the campaign is not merely an invitation to explore the picturesque islands but also a celebration of Filipino stories, talents, and warm hospitality. Travelers are encouraged to become part of the culture and the family as they connect with the landscapes and communities.

“Welcome to Love the Music.. Love the Philippines, where every traveler becomes a part of our melody, and the diversity creates a perfect harmony,” Tropicales added, drawing a connection to her personal passion for singing.

Dell Merano, PAL Manager, echoed the sentiment in a heartwarming speech, expressing support for the new tourism campaign. Merano emphasized the importance of fostering a deep appreciation for the Philippines and the sense of community it brings. In a gesture of generosity, Philippine Airlines conducted a raffle during the event, giving attendees the chance to win a myriad of exciting prizes. The PAL team’s commitment to providing a memorable experience extended beyond the stage, adding an element of excitement and surprise for the lucky winners.

Adding a delectable touch to the evening, the event served guests with authentic Filipino Christmas food prepared by the renowned “Kusina.” The culinary delights brought a taste of Filipino holiday traditions, further enriching the cultural experience.

The event also had the honor of hosting Filipino American content creator, Gerald Fermin, and FilAm Production Associate at Pixar and influencer, Jamie Poderado. Their presence added a dynamic and contemporary flair to the celebration, showcasing the vibrant contributions of Filipino Americans in the creative and digital realms.

In continuation of the “Love the Philippines” campaign, PDOT SF invites everyone to a special event on December 30th at the Ferry Building from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM. The event promises an opportunity for all to discover why there’s more to love about the Philippines. Attendees can expect cultural showcases, live performances, and a taste of Filipino hospitality. It’s an invitation to experience the vibrant and diverse culture that makes the Philippines a unique and unforgettable destination.

For more information, please visit www.philippinetourismusa.com and follow social media accounts, https://www.instagram.com/Phtourismamericas/  and https://www.facebook.com/philippinetourismusa