Discovering the Beauty of Puerto Galera, Philippines

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Looking for your next big getaway in Luzon? Want to bask in the beautiful beaches in the north?
Visit Puerto Galera, Philippines! It is among the most popular beach holiday and nightlife destinations in the country.

What’s more? A wholesome variety of adventure and tourist spots await. The beaches — White Beach, Sabang Beach, Medio, and Paniquian Islands — are perfect for family fun and for getting to know both locals and foreigners. In the main hub, there is a nine-hole golf course. A picturesque view of the waterfalls awaits nearby. If you’re looking for accommodation, there are dozens of Puerto Galera hotels that offer affordable and convenient rooms just for you. What’s more, there are more than 40 Puerto Galera dive sites renowned for unparalleled biodiversity — and amazing night diving

Puerto Galera, Philippines: Your Diving Haven

It’s no secret that Puerto Galera offers some of the best diving spots in the Philippines. In fact, it is one of the three places in the country that was recognized by UNESCO as a Man and Biosphere Reserve in 1973.

Whenever you’d go diving in Puerto Galera, you’d find yourself as a wanderer, awestruck by the diverse species, sloping reefs, and the marine biodiversity that welcomes you beneath the waters.

All these elements make it a dream dive destination for diving enthusiasts and underwater photographers. Imagine being surrounded by schools of big fish, monstrous sea fans, and stunning reefs. Indeed, there’s always something exciting to do here in Puerto Galera.

But, where? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are some top dive sites in town:

The Wall

At the heart of Verde Island, you’ll be entranced by the beauty of The Wall. It features huge sponges, fans, and a mix of colorful soft and hard coral. And if you’re lucky, you can even spot manta rays, eagle rays, barracudas, schools of bigeye jack, and tuna.

Manila Channel

Manila Channel is one of the favorite muck diving sites of locals and tourists alike. It highlights a nice sandy bottom and some hard coral spots. You’ll also see rich marine species, from mantis shrimps, nudibranch, eels, and crabs. What makes it different than any other diving spot is its mild current and good visibility. This is perfect for all levels of divers, especially for beginners.

Coral Cove

From the name itself, Coral Cove is a wonderful dive site for macro lovers. You’ll find a sloping reef with an abundance of marine life, including countless nudibranchs, whip coral, sea fans, pufferfishes, and cuttlefishes. And if you go deeper, you might spot some pygmy seahorses and ornate ghost pipefish, or even thresher sharks.

Monkey Beach

Are you new to the diving world? If you’re just a beginner who wants to dip into the waters, this shallow dive site is perfect for you. When diving in Monkey Beach, you’ll witness the rich dynamic marine life that’s hidden above the waters. As you wander around this dive spot, you’ll see eels, turtles, feather stars, and Christmas tree worms.

The Canyons

This site is perfect for adrenaline junkies! It boasts a thrilling adventure, luring you in the beauty of the underwaters. In The Canyons, you’ll experience both wonder and amazement while watching schools of trevally, tuna, and even barracuda swimming effortlessly in the current.

Alma Jane Wreck

The once 30m long cargo ship that ferried goods across the country is now the favorite dive site among wreck enthusiasts. Today, the Alma Jane rests upright on the sand and has become a home for diverse marine species, such as giant frogfish, big schools of batfish, and small tropicals.

Shark Cave

Yes, it is exactly what the name says. Here at the Shark Cave, you can encounter different species of sharks inside a cave. You can see the white tip sharks and blue spotted stingrays up close and personal.

Basking in the Beaches

One thing is certain: it’s extremely impossible to get bored on this beautiful island. If you’re not into diving or snorkeling, there are still a thousand and one things you can do. You can lounge around and enjoy the beautiful Puerto Galera beaches around town.

Simply hire a private tour and enjoy your beach-hopping adventure. Here are some of the top beaches you should visit:

White Beach

Puerto Galera White Beach is definitely the top beach destination in town. Don’t get surprised that you’ll find most Puerto Galera resorts located in this spot. Other than relaxing by the beach, you can also get a knack for some water activities.

Aninuan Beach

Just right next to the White, Aninuan Beach is a secluded spot where you can relax and unwind as you listen to the sound of the waves. The perfect time to visit this beach is during the sunset, where the soft glowing light of the sky paints the horizon tranquil and gorgeous twilight – a perfect sight to end your day.

Talipanan Beach

This is yet another uncrowded Puerto Galera beach destination. So, if you’ve enjoyed the White Beach, you’ll fall in love with the relaxing ambiance of Talipanan Beach. Feel unbothered and relaxed as you dip into the crystal-clear waters while enjoying a scenic view.

More Things to Do in Puerto Galera, Philippines

Want to do something more adventurous that doesn’t involve diving? Discover other islands and book a quick island-hopping tour. Visit the Boquete Island, San Antonio Islands, and the Coral Garden and enjoy a day in the tranquil waters.

Better yet, try several extreme watersports and beach activities, like parasailing, flyboarding, and jet-skiing. Don’t miss the fun and try something you haven’t done before,even just once!

It’s Time for a New Adventure; Visit Puerto Galera, Philippines!

Are you excited to travel and explore the Philippines? Even though it is dubbed as the “poor man’s Boracay”, Puerto Galera offers a whole new kind of experience that even Boracay doesn’t offer.

To check Puerto Galera’s travel requirements in 2021, you can check out their official website by clicking this link.